Buskers finally opened its doors on June 2nd 2015 after 18 months of stop / start renovations. Since then Buskers has been a haven for musicians of all genre who like to pop in after a gig and play a few tunes either with their own instruments or using one of the many instruments Buskers have hanging on the wall. Holidaying musicians also enjoy the fact that they can play a few tunes without having to bring their own instruments with them, and of course the fact that Buskers is fully sound proofed means that our neighbours can enjoy their piece and quiet unaware of the music being enjoyed by our patrons.

Our brand new state of the art air conditioning and air filtration systems are also proving a Godsend to both locals and tourists alike as the heat and humidity can be very exhausting during the summer months.

Buskers also has 3 large TV screens dedicated to sporting events, especially GAA, and Irish tourists in particular throng the pub for weekend games. The pub has also become a major attraction for  Irish wedding parties who love their music and sport and who can enjoy the cool fresh air filtering through  as the sun blazes outside.

So why not check us out if you in Nerja. We know that you will not be disappointed and we promise you a warm and friendly welcome.